In order to properly process receipt pictures they must be received in a legible format.
- Please make sure that your camera is in focus and take a picture of the receipt on a flat surface and in a well-lit area.
- If your receipt is really long keep in mind the picture will be blurry if the camera is too far away from the receipt so in this case it is better to take several pictures (you can send us multiple pictures in one go)
- Don't fold or cut your receipt 
For online shopping the best is to upload the PDF of your digital receipt or to take several screenshots of your screen but please do not photograph your computer screen with your phone because the quality won't be good enough.
Make sure you can read the information on your receipt before uploading it :)
If needed, you can go always back to the "My Purchases" page, click on a specific submission and choose to add additional pictures or proof of payment.