The Shopmium Club rewards loyal users of the Shopmium app.
By following a few steps, users can move up the club levels to access exclusive rewards!
How can I unlock the Silver/Gold level?
Head over to your profile under the Shopmium Club heading you can see what you need to do to unlock the next level or maintain your current one.

To move to the Silver level, you must : 
- Discover an offer
- Add an offer to your Selection
- Check the barcode of a product
- Request a cashback
Once you reach the Silver level, this is kept forever and will never be lost!
To move to the Gold level, you must : 
- Request 10 cashback
- Share your referral code
To keep the Gold level, you must submit at least 1 cashback request every 30 days. If more than 30 days pass between cashback requests, you will drop down to the Silver level and will have to start again.
Please also note only cashback requests made through the Shopmium app count towards your next level. So make sure to submit your next cashback requests through the app!